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Learn to play the piano with Cleff Piano Training Centre.
 Classical Piano 

- ABRSM and Trinity piano exams preparation (any level).

- Our learning methods are based on the traditions of the Russian Piano School that include:

- Mastery of technical skills - rigorous practising of scales and arpeggios in all the 24 keys as well as studying etudes and exercises by prominent classical educators like Czerny, Hanon, Chopin, Liszt, Moszkowsky and others. 

- Mastery of various musical styles and forms - from Bach's polyphonic pieces to the music of the 20th century.   

- Basics of solfege and music history. 

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 Piano for Fun  

- Learn how to play your favourite songs and tunes from popular films and animated cartoons as well as perform the top hits by well-known pop, rock and r&b stars.  

Learn to play jazz piano with Cleff Piano Training Centre
 Jazz Piano 

- Basics of jazz improvisation.

- Voicings and chord progression. 

- Lead sheets and reharmonization techniques.

- 12-bar blues.

- Scales, modes and how to use them in your improvisation.

- Practicing jazz standards with backing tracks.

Learn to make computer music with Cleff Piano Training Centre
 Computer Music 

- Learn how to compose music with sample libraries using a popular DAW. 

- Learn how to write music tracks in such cinematic genres as action, emotive and comedy.

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