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- 600 AED/4 classes for 60-minute lessons.

- 520 AED/4 classes for 45-minute lessons.

We usually provide weekly lessons, but it is highly recommended to take 2 lessons per week for the best results.

Make-up and Refund Policy:

When you cancel a lesson, you will be able to reschedule it. All the make-up lessons must be completed within one month (4 weeks) of missed lesson. All cancellations must be done in advance, and the teacher must be notified accordingly. There will be absolutely no refunds if a student misses a lesson without prior notification. Make-ups are not granted for no-shows which means that a student/parent must notify a teacher that a lesson is cancelled.


Payment Policy:

All payments must be made in full before the start of the first lesson. The lessons start after the full payment is received. We accept bank transfers and cash.



There are two annual recitals: a Summer Recital (June) and a Christmas Recital (December). The exact date and time of the recitals will be sent to parents’ emails in advance. All students are encouraged to perform at our recitals.

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