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We are a KHDA approved Piano Training Centre. We provide you with unique home-based piano lessons.

We make a huge difference among the music training institutions in Dubai. 

Practically all of them teach you how to read music and perform it, and we also do.


We can give you a chance to learn how to compose music. With the help of computer software and various sample libraries at hand you can learn how to create amazing cinematic tracks that can be used in your media projects like Youtube videos or any kind of video footages. 

And for those who like jazz music and would like to learn how to read and play lead sheets (jazz standards from Real Books) we can give you an opportunity to learn all the necessary improvisation and comping techniques. We can also prepare the students for their entrance exams in jazz piano at music colleges across the world. 

And we also prepare students for Trinity and ABRSM exams.

We'll see you at your next lesson at Cleff! 

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